This is where the feeling of spring begins


Nature wakes from its slumber

Every year, spring comes as though sent from above to colour the bare landscapes green. It starts with the little harbingers of spring that spring up from the ground in March, then the tulips explode in all sorts of colours in Gavnø Castle Park, and suddenly the beeches spring out on Møns Klint.

Spring reminds us of all that’s in store: Dips in the sea, big ice cream cones and long, light evenings with glasses of cold rosé at the marina or on the campsite. But until then, there are lots of cool cultural offers and attractions to enjoy over in South Zealand & Møn.

Here we’ve gathered a number of South Zealand & Møn’s best experiences at the moment

Outdoor activities in the spring sun

Get away from your screens and go on adventures in the open air. We’ve gathered the best outdoor activities in South Zealand & Møn right here. 

Spring events