Holmegaard Værk

Photo: Emilie Theresa/Museum Sydøstdanmark

Shaping, glassblowing and hard work go on at the vibrant glass workshop in the newly opened Holmegaard Værk – the Nordic region’s living museum of glass, ceramics and design. Here, glowing lumps of glass are transformed into pastel-coloured champagne glasses, artistic vases and elegant bow

Holmegaard Værk opens the doors to a world filled with glass, history, art and design. For almost 200 years both Holmegaard and Kähler have been present in the homes of the Danes. Glass and bottles have been designed to fit perfectly on the lips, and the ceramic vase with "HAK" at the bottom, has found its way to the living room tables. 

Photo:Emilia Therese/Museum Sydøstdanmark

More than 40.000 pieces of glass

At Holmegaard Værk you can experience a piece of Danish history told through almost 200 years of glass art. The exhibition contains the more than 40.000 unique pieces of glass that have been produced at Holmegaard glassworks over time. The exhibition, which is the largest in the north, will be displayed on shelves that tower seven meter up and 40 meters wide. 

Photo:Emilia Therese/Museum Sydøstdanmark

Focus on the history

Visit the hot ovnens and listen to the personal stories. Since 1825, Holmegaard Glassworks has served as a workplace for several generations of glassworkers. It is these glassworkers who tell about life at the glassworks in short podcasts that you can listen to on your journey around the museum. As you listen, you will experience the ancient furnaces, alluring light installations and enchanting animations. 
You can also be impressed by the skilled glassmakers who invite you inside their new, modern workshop, and see how glass is blown. You will be able to experience a number of guest artists on an ongoing basis, who will help revitalize the stoves and form the framework for the new production of glass at Holmegaard Glassworks. 

Photo:Frame & Work


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Longitude: 11.815211

Latitude: 55.286638

3 interesting facts about Holmegaard Værk

1. Holmegaard glassworks has been located on the edge of Holmegaard moore since 1825. Here the peat from the moor was used for fuel in the glass ovens.

2. The exhibition includes more than 40,000 pieces of glass - one of every kind that has been produced at Holmegaard Glassworks. 

3. When the large tank furnace was switched off in 2008, the large liquid glass mass slowly calmed down and solidified. Today you can see ther 45 ton glass mass inside the oven. 

Max 30 minutes away from Holmegaard Værk

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