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South Zealand & Møn’s Gastronomic Guide

Hotel Frederiksminde was one of the first restaurants in the Nordic region to be awarded the beautiful emblem, the green clover, for sustainable gastronomy.

Hotel Frederiksminde

In 2016, the “Michelin Nordic Guide” awarded its first stars to the province – including one for Hotel Frederiksminde. And 2016 was the year when Hotel Frederiksminde received their first Michelin star for their chef, Jonas Mikkelsen. Since then, the restaurant has maintained their high standard in 2017, 2018 and 2019, and the Michelin star therefore brings the hotel into the sphere of Geranium, Era Ora, Formel B, Søllerød Kro and several other similar restaurants in the metropolitan area.

At the restaurant, you will have an exceptional gastronomic experience with a relaxed atmosphere in idyllic surroundings on Præstø Fjord. The food is based on local produce and nature – including the hotel’s own kitchen garden, where the chefs have lovingly sowed and planted every little seed and cutting themselves.

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Vallø Slotskro

When speaking of gastronomic awards, Vallø Slotskro must have a mention. The restaurant has recently been acknowledged in the White Guide 2019 as one of the 154 best restaurants in Denmark. With a direct view of Vallø Castle from the restaurant, it’s difficult not to be enthralled. Add to that the fact that the dishes are served with splendour and grace, and you will be completely sold. The mood and atmosphere are unique, relaxing and addictive! 

In addition, Vallø Slotskro is the perfect place for serious wine lovers. The restaurant has been honoured by the internationally acclaimed Wine Spectator for its excellent wine list. With a wine list featuring around 800 different bottles to choose from, this award is well-deserved!


Rønnede Kro

With a history dating back to 1825, a status as a Royally Privileged Inn and visits from many great personalities such as Walt Disney, Dirch Passer and H.C. Andersen, the story of Rønnede Kro almost speaks for itself. The operation of Rønnede Kro rests in the hands of Silje Brenna and Jonas Mikkelsen, who also run Hotel Frederiksminde in Præstø. As a guest at the inn, you can therefore experience the same quality and care for nature. In the authentic and cosy surroundings, classic Danish dishes such as smørrebrød (open sandwiches), Wienerschnitzel and roasted whole plaice will get your mouth watering!

Common to the above restaurants is a passion for the raw materials and a professionalism in their use. It is possible to obtain some of the best ingredients from the many farms – both large and small – within the fantastic local area. 



At B-Spis, the focus is on a good meal, where taste, quality and serving go together. The menu follows the seasons and focuses on local produce as well as ingredients sourced in forests and beaches around Næstved.

The restaurant is open for lunch and evening, and the menu consists of Danish Smørrebrød and lunch dishes, as well as a 3- and 5-course evening menu and an ala carte card.

B-Spis is owned by Brian who has been former restaurant manager at Babette in Vordingborg, he is accompanied by chef Kristoffer who in 2019 was named Chef of the Year in Denmark.

Restaurant B-spis i Næstved

Photo:Tony Nielsen

Common to the above restaurants is the passion and professionalism of the raw materials and their use. With a fantastic local area, it is possible to obtain some of the best ingredients from the many farms - large and small.