Meet Sascha Bendix from Camp Møns Klint

Photo: VisitSydsjælland-Møn

Meet everyday adventurer and nature lover Sascha Bendix from the unique Møns Klint cliffs, who both lives and works on the island.

The adventurer of Møns Klint

Sascha Bendix is a human being in motion. Not always in motion – because who really is? And yet...

Behind the counter at Camp Møns Klint, you won’t find a hotel employee in classic attire, a light blue shirt, brooch and cravat. Sascha is ready. Both for the guests and the opportunities that present themselves to get out into nature. Out to the cliffs. Into the water. Outside. You can tell from her outfit, from the mountain-bike parked in the office, from the fishing rod behind the counter and the pictures on the walls. And you feel it right away when you meet her.


Sascha is in her element in nature – the nature on Møn – and, in particular, the nature around the Møns Klint cliffs, where Sasha both lives and works. An area that, in all its uniqueness, has become the ultimate setting for her life in every way. Sascha enjoys the adventures that Møns Klint offers, and sees herself as an everyday adventure and nature lover, who just cannot resist.

I’m a newcomer here, and I really discovered the place by accident! But sometimes, I don’t think it was quite so accidental, because it’s just so stunning and it fits me like a glove


Sascha is the deputy manager at Camp Møns Klint. Perhaps one of Denmark’s most beautifully situated campsites, without actually being a classic campsite. You can find holiday homes, villas and facilities for many different kinds of guests here – as well as the more traditional campers in camper vans or with permanent plots. But there is something special about Møns Klint Resort, something personal and something different. And like so much else, it can clearly be seen in the details. The signage – with its personal and humorous tone, the dog facilities with a sofa-equipped lounge area for our four-legged friends, and of course the people behind it all


Because they are not just regular service staff eagerly anticipating the end of their working day. They are enthusiasts who are happy to jump on their bikes, into their waders or start up the boat to give guests those extra experiences you don’t just plan, but will never forget. It is very clear that we are dealing with passionate communicators so intensely in love with the place that it’s hard not to get carried away.

Like when in her lunch break, Sascha jumps on the mountain bike and whizzes off for a ride through the hilly landscape to the water – or boards one of the resort’s boats to sail to the front of the cliffs to cast her line and haul in the trout.

This is my backyard, my workplace and my gym


Møns Klint is a very special and very unique place. Towering over the crystal clear sea, standing at 128 metres at their highest point, the Møns Klint cliffs are probably the most iconic and dramatic elements of nature in Denmark. The roughly 75 million year-old chalk deposits are not just beautiful to look at, but they also testify to a geological development the likes of which simply don’t exist, and certainly can’t be seen so clearly, in many other places.

And to Sascha – who has worked as a facilitator at the Geocenter Møns Klint – every day and every trip to the cliffs offers a new and rewarding experience. Because she knows what she is talking about when she finds and talks about fossils of octopuses and sea urchins, and when she digs in the soft, white walls of the cliff.


A different, very fulfilling life can be lived here on the edge of Denmark – quite literally, and in the best possible way. Sascha Bendix is living proof of just that.

Follow Sascha’s daily adventures on Instagram via @saschabendix


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