Meet Ole Eskling from Camp Møns Klint

Photo: VisitSydsjælland-Møn

Meet the firebrand from Møns Klint, born almost on the edge of the cliff with a heart that beats for nature. 

There are things known, and things unknown – and in between are the Doors

The quotation is written with curved, hand-painted letters on the wheelhouse of the ship Ida, docked in Klintholm Port on Møn.
The ship belongs to Ole Eskling – the words belong to Jim Morrison, the poet and singer who spearheaded one of the biggest bands in history; The Doors.

Ole Eskling and Jim Morrison have a lot in common. Not because they know each other or have even met, but because their poetry, lyricism and vision of the world come from the same place. From the heart and the emotions. If it comes from there, that’s all that matters. And that’s the case with Ole Eskling. Heart first. In everything. All the time.

Ole is the Resort Manager responsible for Camp Møns Klint, which is evident in the many details around the site. The little things that make a big difference. Camp Møns Klint might be Denmark’s most beautiful campsite and it’s situated on the edge of Møn, a few hundred metres from the Møns Klint cliffs. Hilly, green, calm and unique. You can see the details everywhere around the site, on the signs and in the many English slogans and inspirational quotes around the place. Little offbeat quirks.


There are no prohibition signs – in fact, just the opposite. The place is full of invitations to do something different, like head out in the middle of the field to watch the sunset in the chairs there, go to the “Nowhere” area, where the forest envelops you in silence, or have a go on the swing, because as Ole Eskling says:


"Who’s to say only children should use the swing? There’s a child in all of us"

Ole Eskling is an adventurer. A man of the world who has seen a lot. From the sea in racing boats for the America’s Cup – on a motocross bike through the Sahara desert, or on horseback across plains and fields. And it can be hard to keep up when you get chatting to him – but you really should try. Because if you stick with it, you will be taken on a journey that not too many people get to go on. In the oceans, the forests, the plains, the towns and right here on Møn.


For Ole Eskling, Møn is the base. He was born and raised here and wore out his boyhood shoes in the wilderness around Denmark’s most beautiful cliff. A life on the edge, without ever losing touch with the ground. Because this is actually what home is to Ole. Nature. Being in it. Playing in it. Working with it and shaping it in a way so that guests and visitors can try it for themselves. “We bring you back to nature” is Camp Møns Klint’s slogan – and in these parts, the promises are kept.

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