Meet Kasper Kristensen from Feddet Strand Beach Resort

Photo: VisitSydsjælland-Møn

Meet Kasper Kristensen, who has a penchant for perfection, a desire to do something extra and a special passion for Feddet in South Zealand.

Luxury camp on the Feddet peninsula

Kasper is well-dressed, well-groomed, well-trained and razor-sharp in the morning sun when he makes his round on the pitch at Feddet Strand Resort. An important round. Where the staff is welcomed, details are checked and tightened where possible. In every way, the diametrical contradiction to the prejudice of camping - with worn-out pitches, weathered tents and carts where father and mother stand behind the counter.

Feddet Strand Resort is large and open, well-made and well-oiled, and perhaps with one of the best locations in Denmark, right there on the water's edge. And as the only 5-star Camping Resort in Denmark, there is also something to live up to and something to maintain. Weekday. But it fits Kasper Kristensen just fine

What I want the guests to bring when they have been on holiday with us, is that they have had a bold and unique experience. Because that's what we're here for every day - that's what we work for every single day


And if you take a walk around the square, you quickly see why 5 stars have been sprinkled across the square and all its amenities. Everything from the large, delicious outdoor kitchens to brand new cabins and luxury tents creates a space that can and will be more than just another campsite in the range. Here the children can spend endless hours in the treetops, on the motocross machines or on horseback, while mum and dad relax in the large green space, either with sand between their toes, or in the middle of the big trees that surround the whole place. Here is room for everything - and the details are controlled

What I'm honored to do is actually walk around the square and make sure the details are in order. It may be just right to fix the pillows, it may be that the little places have been swept and that we have just removed the last weed - these are all the little things that I look at when I need to see that things are okay

Feddet Strand


Camping as a holiday form is undergoing a rapid development for the time being - today camping is for all those who want to be outdoors and in the middle of nature, want to be together and active, but who still want to be close to each other as a family in either a tent, cabin or caravan. And that can actually be done. These are new times, and thanks to fiery souls like Kasper Kristensen, and the place like Feddet Strand Resort, we, as guests, will not be bored just yet. Because as he himself says

Feddet is a cool place and of course you have to go


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