Meet singer Ulla Britt Simonsen

Photo: VisitSydsjælland-Møn

Ulla Britt Simonsen is a singer, songwriter and an incredibly creative firebrand who is passionate and draws her inspiration from Næstved.

Meet one of The South Coast of Denmark’s firebrands: Singer Ulla Britt Simonsen

Ulla Britt Simonsen is a singer, songwriter and firebrand from Næstved. When you meet Ulla Britt, a natural calm seems to descend. Relaxed, cool and friendly, she shows us around her town, Næstved. The town where she grew up and has lived most of her life. Today, she is a familiar face in town and is welcomed amicably by local cyclists and pedestrians when strolling through the town.

Most people know her from the local stages, where she has performed her own music for many years, as well as that of various bands and orchestras. But a lot of people also know her as a teacher at Næstved’s large music school, where for many years, Ulla has introduced the area’s children and young people to the language of music.

In Næstved, it’s almost like being in the countryside and the city at the same time, and I just walk around town, observing – I always carry my little notebook with me – and I just write down what I see, leave it there, and perhaps it will become a song one day.

Ulla Britt tells us that teaching music has been part of her life since she was a child. Her mother, who was a teacher too, played music school with Ulla when they were at home together. Ulla went out of the utility room door, knocked on the front door shortly after, and found herself in a music school at home, where they played. She learned to play the piano and slowly found her voice here.

When I have time to spare, I usually go to Karrebæksminde to my little cottage, take walks by the sea or paddle in my kayak – in general, I love being out in nature where the light and the water create a natural frame and really give you a sense of peace


Ulla Britt describes Næstved as a town that offers many different things and that is well-suited to her mood. Everything from market days in the historic town centre, the cosy life around town and walks by the docks from which the little tour boat Rundfart Friheden sets out. Mixed with an increasingly strong cultural life, it is one of the things that binds Ulla to the region.

Along with the calm, of course, which Ulla Britt particularly finds by the water at Karrebæksminde. This is where she takes her breaks, recharges her batteries, reads the newspaper and finds her inspiration.


You don’t need to stay long at Enø and Karrebæksminde to know what she means. By the first light of spring, the small fishing harbour comes to life, people flock to the eateries along the water and Enø Bakery, which serves the best homemade ice cream. Fish are traded by the small shops and smokehouses, and time stands still in a very particular way.

And that is how a perfect day in Ulla Britt Simonsen’s company ends. With a sense of calm, a pot of coffee and cups in a basket by the water, where the calm movements of the waves provide the perfect musical backdrop. 


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