Outdoor experiences and water sports

Photo: Mads Tolstrup

The Stevns Outdoor & Water Sports project puts the spotlight on nature in Stevns, which is the perfect setting for all kinds of outdoor activities and fun on the water. Stunning coastline, peaceful hiking routes with stunning views and long bike rides with the wind in your hair.


Stretch your legs and fill your lungs with fresh air on top of a UNESCO World Heritage Site! The footpath that runs along the top of Stevns Klint is a beautiful and exciting hike, and it’s just one of many hikes you can try in Stevns.

Water sports

Enjoy the sea breeze and the lapping of the waves at the foot of Stevns Klint, or jump on a SUP board, go sea kayaking or try windsurfing in Stevns. The water activities the area has to offer are endless and a great way to challenge yourself and your family.


Feel the wind in your hair as the tarmac rushes past beneath you. There are so many cycling routes in Stevns just waiting for you to try them. Whether you want to cycle the Berlin - Copenhagen route or prefer one of the many country roads or shorter routes, there's something to suit your level.


Check the distance, measure the wind speed and take your swing! If golf is your passion, you'll feel right at home in Stevns. Here you can also try your hand at all the different types of golf - there's even football golf and Krolf (a mix of croquet and golf played in Denmark).

There is a particular emphasis on outdoor experiences in Stevns through the project "Stevns Outdoor & Watersports," which is supported by EU funds.