Autumn experiences

Photo: Visit Sydsjælland & Møn

Spend the autumn holiday in South Zealand & Møn. Start planning with our guide to the many experiences and activities available in the autumn holidays in South Zealand & Møn.


Halloween at BonBon-Land

Look forward to Halloween with excitement and thrills at BonBon-Land. This year you can visit the popular and spooky haunted houses and participate in competitions like The Pumpkin Hunt and The Cemetery Mystery. BonBon-Land is open every weekend in October and everyday in Week 42. 


Luckyshow på Stevns Klint Experience

Stevns Klint Experience holder åbent hele efterårsferien og der er masser af god underholdning for børnene! Oplev et dragende trylleshow med fantastisk storytelling undervejs. Den interaktive udstilling byder på små spil og videoer, og derudover illustrative dinosaurskeletter. Gå på opdagelse i kalkbruddet og oplev den anderledes natur når i trænger til lidt frisk efterårsluft. 

Photo: VisitSydsjælland-Møn

Gavnø Castle

During the autumn holidays there are plenty of activities at Gavnø - come and enjoy the Danish autumn weather and try your hand at the Gavnø Go Fly courses.To celebrate halloween you can go pumpkin hunting in the spooky castle garden, decorate Halloween masks or create your own Jack O'lantern.

October 14 to October 22 from 10 AM to 4 PM.

GeoCenter Møns Klint
Photo: Mads Tolstrup

GeoCenter Møns Klint

In autumn, fun is guaranteed for the whole family at GeoCenter Møns Klint. You can experience 3D movies, try on VR-glasses, do workshops, guided fossil hunts and much more! See the whole cliff in its beautiful autumnal glory from the treetops of the Climbing courses, which are open every day.


Get lost in Kalvehave Labyrinth Park

The maze park is open from 10am to 5pm and invites everyone to fun and challenging activities during the fall holidays. Can you get out before darkness falls? From October 16 to October 18, it is open until 11pm, so remember the flashlight.


Autumn vacation in Næstved City

The chainsaw artist Malik Mabe comes form the US to visit Næstved City in Week 42 and will Monday and Tuesday create uniqe giant pumpkin figures that will be exhibited on Hjultorvet until Halloween. Wednesday to Friday, children can get his help in creating their own Jack O'lanterns in the pumpkin workshop in the museum garden in Ringstedgade.

Autumn Holiday Celebration at Klintholm

Bring your children along, buy and pick your own pumpkin, and join the competition for the best-carved pumpkin. We'll provide knives and other equipment needed for carving. Charlotte will serve up pumpkin soup, grilled sausages, pumpkin muffins, and other delicious treats that can be purchased and enjoyed while the kids are busy with their work. Beverages are available for purchase in the store. In case of rain, we'll move into the garage next to the store. The store is open from 10 AM to 3 PM, and at 2:30 PM, Inger Marie, Carl Gustav, and their children will oversee the awarding of the best pumpkin. We look forward to sharing this day in the spirit of autumn with all of you.

Halloween Holmegaard Værk
Photo: Holmegaard Værk

Holmegaard Værk

Let Holmegaard Værk's large collection of glass inspire you, and find well-known glasses from the whole family's childhood. During the autumn holidays you can attend inspiring and exciting events and be creative in the Glass Atelier. 

Photo: Frame & Work

Koldkrigsmuseum Stevnsfort

Experience yourself how mobilising for war happened during the Cold War by trying the field range, the patrol trail and on the shooting range. The guides will help you through the challenges and tell you more about the defence of Zealand during the Cold War. 

Photo: Mads Tolstrup

Camp Adventure

Come and have a great, challenging day for the whole family on the great climbing courses in Denmark's largest climbing park, or go for a walk along the boardwalk to the impressive Forest Tower and enjoy immersion in the beautiful autumn colours. The climbing park is open from Thursday to Sunday in October from 10 AM to 6 PM, and the Forest Tower is open every day all year round (from 10 AM to 6 PM in October). 


Autumn holiday at Borgen

The Danish Castle Centre is open everyday in Week 42. Take the kids for a trip up in the Goose Tower and enjoy the stunning view from the top. Become an adventurer and explore the ruins around the castle grounds. 


Uhygge i slotskælderen på Gisselfeld

Experience the story of the last Fishmaster who, on his final shift, caused a dike breach resulting in significant flooding around Gisselfeld, including the extensive castle archives. In fact, it is believed that to this day, a curse lingers over the archive due to the major floods. During the autumn break at Gisselfeld, you can get the full story and witness the extent of the destruction and floods, the chaos it brought, and the eerie surprises encountered during the cleanup in the basement beneath Gisselfeld. This all unfolds in the castle's basement, so be prepared for a spine-chilling experience filled with suspense.

There's also a treasure hunt for children and the young at heart in the Castle Park, pumpkin carving, and other surprises.

The autumn break event takes place from Saturday, October 14th, to Saturday, October 21st – every day from 11:00 AM to 3:45 PM

Geomuseum Faxe and Faxe Limestone Quarry

Experience the new special exhibition "A land of Chalk and Limestone" and try to find your own fossils, by joining a guided fossil hunt in Faxe Limestone Quarry.

Æblernes Dag i Stege - foto: Morten Pihl
Photo: Morten Pihl

Apple Day in Stege

Apple Day is a thoroughly lovely day dedicated to apples in Stege. The scent of apples is everywhere, and the town is full of happy guests: many apple-interested people from Møn and South Zealand.


Experience Dark Sky during the autumn holidays

Autumn is the perfect season to experience Dark Sky at Møn. If the sky is clear and you are lucky, you can see The Milky Way and thousands of shining stars. Remember to bring warm clothes, something warm to drink in your thermos, a chair, a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag. A good evening lies in store.

Photo: VisitSydsjælland-Møn

Kulturmuseum Øst

Experience the new special exhibition "Nature Fantasies from Stevns" or get creative in the Nature Fantasies workshop. October 28 is Day of the Fossils, where amateur geologists visit the museum and showcase their greatest findings of fossils.

Photo: Gitte Skovgaard Kristensen

Næstved Automobilmuseum

Visit Næstved Automobil Museum and take a look at all the old cars and bikes and discover how they have evolved over time. The children can participate in a special autumn contest and for the grown ups there are free coffee and cake.  

Efterårsbillet Stege 2022
Photo: Møn Handelstandsforening

The Autumn Ticket in Stege

"The Autmun Ticket" in Stege gives access to an activity happening around the shops in Stege, for example a hunt for letters. The ticket can be bought in Zalmiak in Week 41.