The Camøno – Denmark’s friendliest hiking trail

Photo: Mads Tolstrup

The Camøno, also called “the kingdom’s friendliest hiking trail”, extends for over 175 km across Møn, Bogø and Nyord. Along the way, you pass through the area’s most beautiful scenery, along breathtaking coastlines through cosy little villages and past several sights.

Due to a major cliff landslide, you are advised to exercise caution and assume responsibility for your own safety when visiting Møns Klint. Stay updated through the Danish Nature Agency.

The Camøno hiking trail was established in 2016 and is known by most hikers today. The popular hiking trail is suitable for families, a weekend with friends, and for serious hikers who want to get a lot of kilometres into their legs! It’s no wonder that the Camøno has become so popular, as the varied route runs through some of Denmark’s most beautiful scenery and is well serviced with numerous attractions and accommodation along the way. 

A unique nature experience

The Camøno goes past several unique nature experiences. Among other things, the route allows you to experience Denmark’s most popular natural attraction, the Møns Klint cliffs, a UNESCO Biosphere area and the “Dark Sky” phenomenon, where the night sky is at its absolute best and most breathtaking. 

The hiking trail is equipped with multiple water stations along the way, as well as the “Camøno benches”, so everyone can join in. There are several bus stops along the route, so you can easily join or leave the trail as needed. 

There is a strong focus on sustainability around the Camøno trail, so everyone is encouraged to take their litter and other leftovers with them when they go. For safety reasons, hikers are also urged not to cover fires when they leave them. 

Photo:Frame & Work

The Kingdom’s friendliest hiking trail

The Camøno’s title of friendly hiking trail is not just a slogan, but a fact. The people behind the trail have taken into account that everyone should be able to participate and, among other things, have created a map for the disabled, which is particularly suitable for wheelchair users. Similarly, family-friendly routes, dog-friendly trails and guided tours have been created as part of the experience.


Experiences along the route