Faxe Limestone Quarry

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In the middle of Zealand is the beautiful Faxe Kalkbrud quarry – a piece of Danish history which was home to sea monsters and coral reefs millions of years ago!

Turquoise green lagoons, chalk-white limestone mountains and ancient fossils. 63 million years ago, giant sharks, crocodiles and other prehistoric inhabitants of the ocean swam around right here. At the time, this area was covered by an ocean. Geomuseum Faxe on the edge of the limestone quarry tells the story of the mysterious, prehistoric creatures that suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. Today, many people come for the scenic view and azure blue watering holes.

Photo:Tage Klee

Fossil hunting in Faxe Limestone Quarry

You can still find relics from the time when sea creatures ruled Faxe, which is why the place is very popular with families with children. You could be lucky enough to find belemnites, shark teeth and other well-preserved treasures from the depths of the sea. And best of all – you can take your findings home!

Geomuseum Faxe arranges guided fossil hunts, but you are also welcome to walk around on your own. Hammers and chisels can be borrowed at the museum. The fossils are hidden in the limestone, so you need good tools. You have to smash the limestone up into pieces. If you find anything, the Geomuseum’s nature guides are happy to evaluate your finds so you know exactly what you’re taking home. The Geomuseum also contains lots of information about the history of the limestone quarry and the area, told through some of the most sensational finds that have been made here. Don't forget to experience the exhibitions!

Fossiljagt Faxe Kalkbrud

Photo:Mads Tolstrup

3 things you should know about Faxe Limestone Quarry

1. The limestone quarry is both an attraction and a place of work. If you visit the quarry during the weekdays, there will be a lot more noise and large machinery than on weekends. 

2. It’s tempting to jump into the azure waters of Faxe Kalkbrud, but it’s strongly discouraged. The limestone makes the water alkaline, which can cause rashes, and the lakes are so deep that their temperature fluctuations can cause cold shock.

3. The limestone quarry is often used in films. Among others, several scenes of the “Jesus & Josefine” Advent programme were shot here. Because of the special lighting, the azure waters and the desert-like landscape, the limestone quarry is also a popular destination for professional photoshoots.

A good view

On the outer edge of Faxe Kalkbrud is the viewing platform Prismet, which is the shape of a prism. Between the two triangles which mirror each other is the viewing deck itself, from where you have the impressive view of the quarry. It’s free to visit both Faxe Kalkbrud and Prismet.

Prismet i Faxe Kalkbrud

Photo:Claire Droppert


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Longitude: 12.12291

Latitude: 55.260142

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