Shrovetide / Fastelavn

Photo: Næstved City

Fastelavn er mit navn, og boller vil jeg have! The children dress up and beat the cat out of the barrel in South Zealand & Møn – see where.

Fastelavn, or Shrovetide, which originally marked the beginning of fasting, was originally an event for adults that lasted several days. The tradition of dressing up and hiding behind masks was intended to erase social divisions, as Shrovetide was a celebration for all groups in society. Only recently did the celebrations become a feast for children, and the tradition of dressing up has luckily remained. 

Photo:Næstved City

Today’s Shrovetide is a colourful and fun party, where children of all ages dress up and “beat the cat out of the barrel”. Experience the fun and excitement of what wondrous snacks and goodies the barrel holds.

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