Here the weekend trip begins

Photo:VisitSydsjælland-Møn&Katharina Lea

Couple’s weekends and romantic trips

Take a weekend trip a little out of the ordinary. See our suggestions for a weekend in South Zealand & Møn with quality, activities, good food and time for rest and reflection – all in a unique setting. 

Of course, you don’t have to go on a weekend. If you have the opportunity, weekdays can be just as wonderful! 

Day 1 – Arrival

Why not start your holiday with a delicious lunch? In the high season, Martens Smokehouse and Lunch Restaurant is open every weekday and offers a delicious, fresh lunch with all the best ingredients. With its location right next to the canal in Karrebæksminde, of course the menu boasts many good fish dishes. Bon appetit!
If the weather is good, you should go down to the beach and enjoy the sunshine. At the bakery, you can buy homemade ice cream. 


After that, drive to Gavnø Castle and enjoy a pleasant time in the castle park. Visit the on-site brewery, the only castle brewery in Denmark where you can buy from the brewer himself, who will be happy to tell you all about the place and the various products. 

If you haven’t had too much beer, drive on to Præstø – East Zealand’s lovely cosy trade and harbour town. Præstø is just 40 minutes from Gavnø. Take a stroll along the cosy little streets and see the many wonderful houses. 

Photo:Tue Schiørring Fotografi

Right next to Præstø Fjord, at the end of the old town by the square and Klosternakken, you will find Hotel Frederiksminde. Yes, that Frederiksminde! The restaurant that, in 2016, 2017 and 2018 received a Michelin star in the Michelin Nordic Guide. Of course, it’s always best to have a reservation, as the place is very popular – Michelin star or otherwise. Also, don’t let the prices intimidate you. You can enjoy a nice 3-course meal for less than DKK 500 per person. And there are no shortcuts in terms of quality. Only the best ingredients are used in chef Jonas Mikkelsen’s kitchen. 


Of course, you can choose to spend the night at Hotel Frederiksminde, or you can spend 15 minutes driving to Jungshoved, where the most beautiful Præstegaard vicarage is located. With newly renovated rooms worthy of a royal visit – relax and enjoy your stay!

Day 2 – The big activity day

When you are rested and have eaten breakfast, it’s time to go. Head towards Møns Klint and stop at Camp Møns Klint on the way – the trip here takes approx. 45 minutes. You can rent bicycles and horses (requires prior arrangement) if you want to go for a ride. When you set off for Møn’s Klint and see the view over the Baltic Sea, the white dunes and the greenish waters, it’s the most amazing trip. 

Stop at GeoCenter Møns Klint, where you can take the stairs down to the coast and look for fossils or go for a little walk and enjoy each other’s company. When you come back up the stairs, you can have lunch in the cosy café at the GeoCenter. If you have the time and energy, a guided tour is definitely worth considering


When you return to Camp Møns Klint, make sure you enjoy a walk through Liselund Castle Park with the old castle in the background. This place is truly beautiful and serene, and a good opportunity for a little respite. Next, take a trip out to Nyord. Nyord is only half an hour away. On the way, drive through the beautiful forest at Ulvshale, and park outside Nyord town when you arrive. You see, cars are not allowed in town. The town is not that big, but it exudes a sense of hygge and cosiness and the love that the locals have for the place. Take a stroll past the round church or the Noorbo shop, where you can buy local specialities – from spirits to mustard and much more. In their café, you can also get a cup of coffee for refreshment before continuing your tour


After a long and active day on Møn, you are probably starting to tire. After a cup of coffee, you will hopefully be energised enough for a trip to Stevns, just 45 minutes from Nyord. You can have a wonderful gourmet stay at the inn Vallø Slotskro. In other words, there’s no need to think of anything else for today! Sit back and enjoy the amazing 4-course menu. Then relax in the beautiful surroundings. 


Day 3 – The journey home (with experiences on the way)

Following a good night’s sleep after a long day, a good and wholesome breakfast is always nice. Once you have packed your suitcases and loaded your car, there are just a few things to do before you drive home. Stevns Klint has been included on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, and since you’re so close to it (30 minutes), it would be a shame to miss such an experience. By Højerup Old Church, you get the most beautiful view of the cliff, but if you want to see the fish clay and lime deposits, then you have to descend the stairs and head down to the coast where you can get the best view.


10 minutes away, you will find the fort Stevnsfortet, also known as the Cold War Museum. Not so many years ago, Stevnsfortet was still an active fort and thus at the frontlines should an attack come from the east. We will leave the stories to the talented guides, as they are completely unique in their profession! A guided tour takes approx. 1½-2 hours, and leads you down into the underground fort and out to an absolutely incredible vantage point. 


From here, we suggest a nice breakfast in the most beautiful setting at Rønnede Kro inn. From here, you can choose to drive to the monastery Gisselfeld Kloster, which is only 10 minutes from the inn. The monastery is beautiful in itself, but make sure you also visit the neighbouring building – the Parade House, which is the cosiest of orangeries. Flowers and plants grow all around, and in the middle of it all, you can enjoy a cup of coffee to end some eventful days. 

We hope that you have had an experience out of the ordinary, and not least that you enjoyed your trip! And then it’s time to get home.