Need a wedding planner?

Photo: Tage Klee

In South Zealand & Møn, we have two talented wedding planners who can help you keep track of all the details, so the big day can be enjoyed without any concerns.

Fortunately, not too many people are experienced in hosting weddings, which is why it may also be a bit nerve-wracking to plan the big day on your own. A “wedding planner” can help you plan the perfect wedding. You can get everything from advice and guidance to the full package where everything is taken care of. Whichever option you choose, you will get professional advice – and perhaps a different approach to your big day.

In the midst of the idyllic nature of Præstø, we find the family-run luxury boutique seaside hotel ’Jungshoved Præstegård’, which can help create the perfect setting for a dream wedding. There is enough room here for the ceremony, the party as well as accommodation in the beautiful surroundings. And of course, all the practicalities such as catering contacts, photographers, hairdressers, florists, etc. can be taken care of, if you so wish. In short, the staff will take you by the hand from the very first meeting and until you wake up on your first day as husband and wife. 

As the name suggests, Magical Weddings can assist you with a perfect, magical wedding in the historic surroundings of Højerup Old Church. The church has a unique location on the edge of Stevns Klint, which can create a great setting for a special event with the most beautiful views of the sea. Of course, Magical Weddings will assist you with everything you need for the marriage – decorating the church, ordering a registrar, hairdressers, a carriage etc.