From cliff to cliff

Photo:VisitSydsjælland-Møn&Tage Klee

The cliffs of Stevns Klint and Møns Klint are two very different nature experiences, both of which are well worth a visit, but the walk between the two cliffs also offers beautiful scenery and many interesting sights that you should not miss out on. We have gathered a selection of the many things you can experience on the trip from cliff to cliff here.   

Møns Klint

Formed 70 million years ago, Møns Klint should be experienced from both above and below. From above, the view of the Baltic Sea and azure waters in front of the cliff is formidable and from below, the huge cliff rising steeply from the beach is simply overwhelming. By the way, when you’re on the beach in front of the cliff, don’t let yourself or your children miss out on a fossil hunt, because the chances of finding some belemnites and other fossils are actually quite good. Especially after a storm, when the waves have shifted the many pebbles of the coast. 

At GeoCenter Møns Klint, the history of Møns Klint is communicated in a fun and interactive way, where children and adults can compete with knowledge and test the forces of nature in a miniature format.

Photo:Geocenter Møns Klint

Stevns Klint

Stevns Klint has been included on UNESCO’s World Heritage list due to the thin layer of “fish clay” that can clearly be seen in the cliff, which testifies to the catastrophic meteor impact that hit Earth more than 66 million years ago and led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.  

At the top of Stevns Klint, you should also experience the cosy church, Højerup Old Church, whose chancel has crashed into the sea, and – not far from it – the Cold War Museum Stevnsfort is definitely worth a visit as well. 

Photo:Tage Klee

Exploration from cliff to cliff

South Zealand & Møn’s two unique cliffs, Møns and Stevns Klint, are not only linked geologically, but also by the beautiful coast that connects the two unique natural attractions. The two cliffs are as different as night and day. At Stevns, the cliff rises from the sea and turns into a completely flat landscape, whereas Møns Klint disappears into a rolling and hilly landscape.