7 good reasons to choose a cycling holiday

Photo: VisitSydsjælland-Møn

Want to experience a different kind of holiday where you can enjoy the sun’s rays, the freshness of nature and shift down a gear? Then here are seven good reasons why you will love a cycling holiday in South Zealand & Møn.

#1 You can bike along Denmark’s longest coastline atop fantastic cliffs, such as Møns Klint and Stevns Klint


#2 You can explore exciting and idyllic forest trails like this one


#3 You will come across the cosiest little farm shops with delicious local specialities along the way


#4 You can bike right to the edge of a UNESCO world heritage site – Stevns Klint

Photo:Tue Schiørring Fotografi

#5 South Zealand & Møn’s flat landscapes make the bike ride fun for the whole family

Cyklister og køer

Photo:Tage Klee

#6 You can ride all year round

Cykelister efterår

Photo:Niclas Jessen

#7 You can test your limits on the challenging mountain bike routes, e.g. in the Fruens Plantage plantation in Næstved or the Klinteskoven forest on Møn


Photo:Rebel Media House