SUP surfing in South Zealand & Møn

Photo: VisitSydsjælland-Møn

Shift down a gear. Come down to the beach. Get both your feet on a board. Learn something new, something that makes you smile and clears your mind. Water sports, where the family is united and lost in the moment. 

The water adventures begin here!  

SUP ved Præstø Fjord

SUP spots

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Inviting surroundings

Create memories in fascinating surroundings. Dive into the blue waves and try something new – why not try your hand at SUP surfing? SUP surfing is one of the fastest-growing water sports in the world, and with good reason. SUP surfing is a great way to get out on the water – a different, challenging and exciting way to test yourself. It’s fun for beginners who just want to test out the popular sport, but also for seasoned water sports enthusiasts. It’s a sport that’s easy to get started with, but do read up on the rules and safety guidelines before you get on the board with a paddle in hand.

Solopgang Møns Klint


Beautiful nature and plenty of room

The nature of South Zealand & Møn is amazing to see from an SUP board. Take in the Suså river, where the stretch from Fuglebjergbro to Næstved offers many kilometres of beautiful scenery. Or explore the nature around Nyord from an SUP board, or Præstø Fjord or the waters off Vordingborg, or..... Obviously, there are plenty of opportunities if you want to try out new and exciting water sports. 


Spend a night in the area

In the vicinity, it's always possible to find suitable accommodation close to the coast. If you're into camping, Camp Møns Klint, De Hvide Svaner Camping, Feddet Strand Resort, Rødvig Ferieby are really good options for accommodations near the water and great SUP spots.