Elcykelferie Møn

Cycle routes on Møn

Photo: Mads Tolstrup

Møn is full of unique and unforgettable scenery. Try one of the cycling routes that take you around the beautiful island.


The Baltic Sea Route - Etape 6

170 kilometres of the Baltic Sea Route meanders through beautiful South Zealand & Møn. The route will take you past quaint seaside towns and market towns, historic castles and the fascinating Møns Klint. Hugging the coast, this lovely route takes you past attractions for both children and adults. The route features a varied terrain and there is cycling on both minor country roads and bicycle paths.

Berlin-Copenhagen - Danish stage

The Cliffs of Møn rise majestically with their white slopes above the turquoise sea. Teeth from the Mosasaur, the killer lizard, which lived here 70 million years ago, have been found in the chalk near the Cliffs. Today, the Cliffs are also home to unique – if not quite as frightening – wildlife. You may be lucky enough to see peregrine falcons, for example.

But Møn is much more than its Cliffs. The island also offers lovely farm shops, artisan workshops, atmospheric cafés, child-friendly beaches and beautiful parks and forests.

Panorama route 421 - DENMARK’S MOUNTAIN ROUTE

Denmark’s Mountain Route takes you through some of the most breath-taking nature that the country has to offer. The route to the east of Møn is 18 km and goes through the beautiful Klinteskov Forest. The route is very hilly and will make you sweat, but the numerous gorgeous vistas are well worth it. A mountain bike is a great idea on this route.


Panorama Route Island Hopping is 29 km and is for the whole family, featuring ice cream on the beach, playing in the woods, long salt marshes, gnarled trees and lovely pedestrianised Nyord with its winding streets, galleries, and tasty food. 

Panorama route 423 - LIFE IS SWEET

Just as the name implies, the tour “Life is Sweet” is tailored for those of you with a sweet tooth. If the kids are getting a bit tired of pedalling, the promise of an ice cream at Møn Is or a visit to the little sweet factory Møn Bolcher is sure to spark a little extra pedal power.

Cyklister på Møn
Photo: Tage Klee

Munkevejen (Nr. 88)

Munkevejen is a cycle route that conveys the history of the spread of Christianity in the Baltic countries and its importance to our culture. The route starts in Ger- many, going from Puttgarden through South Zealand and ending at Roskilde Cathedral. The route is highly varied and runs along minor roads and paths, passing churches, monasteries, and historical ruins.