Line and Thomas’ guide: 5 delicious places to eat

Photo: Tony Nielsen

Line and Thomas, a couple, tested a food-focused holiday for us. They lived like kings and queens – savouring everything from Michelin-starred food to hand-peeled prawns and classic inn food. Here, the two of them share their top tips for great flavour experiences.


Photo:Anders Husa

With a Michelin star on its CV, Hotel Frederiksminde is in the absolute premier league of the gastronomic world. The hotel also has one of the greenest kitchens in the country. Most of the ingredients are fresh from the kitchen garden. The 18-course tasting menu is packed with delicacies including caviar, langoustine, chanterelles and late summer berries. A land of plenty for a pescatarian like Line.

“It's very clear that the food at Hotel Frederiksminde is made with care. Each dish we were served offered a wonderful new eating experience. While the chefs worked their magic in the kitchen, we were served by the loveliest waiter – he made our evening very special. During dinner, all we had to do was sit back, enjoy the food, the wines, each other's company and the stunning view of Præstø Fjord. Every couple should treat themselves,” says Line.

Photo:Mads Tolstrup

Right at the beginning of the long cherry avenue that leads to the island gem of Gavnø is the Karetmagerens Hus inn. In these old rooms you can tuck into a delicious sharing menu or discover the classics.

“Karetmagerens Hus served the best fish fillet I have ever tasted. It was fried in a lot of butter and it was absolutely perfect,” says Thomas.

Overall, the couple loved the relaxed and cosy atmosphere of the old thatched house.

“Our daughter frolicked around on the floor while we hung out, had drinks and were advised on which wines to try from the menu. There was a lovely atmosphere,” says Line.


Restaurant B-spis i Næstved

Photo:Tony Nielsen

Serious flavour, and a good glass of wine! That’s what you’ll find at B-Spis, located in the centre of the old medieval town of Næstved. The restaurant has a modern interior with soft dining chairs and plenty of natural light.

“We were sold from the first second. They served herb butter AND whipped butter with herb dust on top to spread on the bread, and you can’t go wrong from there,” laughs Line.

The menu that followed included monkfish tail in mussel sauce, quail, cabbage terrine and raspberry sorbet with vanilla cream and peaches. All accompanied by bubbles.


Photo:Mads Tolstrup

Everything from the rye bread to the mayonnaise is homemade, and the beer is local at Restaurant Holmegaard, which is next door to the Holmegaard Værk craft museum, just outside Næstved. Line and Thomas are generally enthusiastic about the level of the gastronomic bar on South Zealand & Møn.

“We've never eaten so many hand-peeled prawns, and you don't get tired of that,” says Line.

Photo:Mads Tolstrup

The Traktørstedet Højeruplund is steeped in a bygone era. Here you sip your coffee from a classic seagull cup, eat at a chequered tablecloth and toast H. M. The Queen, whose framed portrait hangs in the King's Parlour. It doesn't get cosier than this.

“It's a bit like going to your grandmother's house and being spoilt with all your favourite dishes,” says Thomas about the large lunch table which is offered every Saturday and Sunday.

The buffet is heaving with classic Danish lunch dishes such as herring, meatballs and tartlets.