Photo: Visit Sydsjælland & Møn

Enjoy Møn in harmony with nature.

Møn is a popular destination for many, and it's no surprise, because Møn is a fantastic place. Møn is a small island with lots of great experiences, especially its nature attracts visitors from all over the world. The dramatic white cliffs at Møns Klint, the turquoise green sea, lovely forests, and the many beaches.

With many visitors also comes a responsibility - a responsibility to take care of nature as we move through it, so that we can pass it on to the next in the best possible shape. Therefore, we hope that you will follow our code of conduct when you visit Møn, so the island's nature remains world-class.


Photo:Visit Sydsjælland & Møn

Code of Conduct

1. We always remind ourselves and each other that we are guests in nature; it is the animals and plants that live here.

2. We take our trash with us - including what we encounter along the way.

3. We protect the vulnerable nature by staying on the paths.

4. We consider the animals and birds in nature as well as other guests, and turn down the noise.

5. When we want to sleep in nature, we do so in places where staying overnight is allowed.

6. We are prepared, even for the most basic needs - we know where to find toilets.

7. We bring our own firewood when we want to light a fire.


Photo:Visit Sydsjælland & Møn


In Denmark lies a small island with 

world-class nature. The island has certification 

to prove it. MØN is the island, and its beauty is unparalleled. 

Many find their way to MØN. Some to settle down.  

Others to briefly visit and experience the nature,  

which the island generously offers on its few acres of land.  

Day and night. MØN leaves a lasting impression on every visitor.  

Can we get you to promise NOT to do the same?? 

We appeal to everyone who wishes to enjoy MØN to make  

a small effort to tread without a trace, and to always  

contribute to passing on MØN in its most beautiful form.  

We call it HARMØNY, because it's about enjoying MØN in concert with nature.  

So that MØN remains world-class.

Harmøni engelsk

Photo:Visit Sydsjælland & Møn

Harmøni engelsk

Photo:Visit Sydsjælland & Møn

I make this pledge
As a resident or guest on Møn
To preserve and protect
This beautiful and unique island
I promise to tread lightly
Act kindly
Experience with my senses
I take nothing with me
That is not given to me
The only footprint I leave
Is one that can be washed away.


Photo:Mads Tolstrup

Thank you for preserving, protecting, and taking good care of Møn. For treading lightly and acting kindly, and for ensuring that the only footprints you leave are those that can be washed away.