Trolling in South Zealand & Møn

Photo: VisitSydsjælland-Møn

Go trolling for salmon, sea trout, cod and garfish. South Zealand & Møn offers some exciting fishing waters. 

Trolling on Møn 
Due to the relatively deep waters of the Baltic Sea, the area is particularly good for salmon fishing, a fish that can be caught in many different sizes. It may be a bit of a struggle to catch them, but it’s worth it! Klintholm harbour serves as a starting point for trolling in the area. 

Photo:Fishing Zealand

Trolling for salmon at Stevns
In recent years, Danish, Swedish and German trollers have placed the southern Baltic on the world map as the place to catch many large salmon. From Rødvig, you can reach the Kriegers Flak reef, one of the hottest places in the winter season.

The winds and currents decide which side you should fish on, as the salmon hunt for herring, which are pushed up against the Kriegers Flak reef. So, if you find a school of herring on your sonar, you should fish the area well. The salmon will definitely be close by. Rødvig Harbour is just 70 km from Copenhagen if you arrive from the north and 30 km from the Køge motorway junction if you arrive from the west.
Rødvig Harbour has two ramps where trolling boats can be launched from a trailer, and there is rarely a queue. There are good opportunities to park the trailer while you’re on the water, and in Rødvig you can find breakfast rolls, a grocer’s, a petrol station and several eateries offering a good meal after the trip. But remember to consider your safety, as salmon trolling on the Baltic Sea is not for beginners.

The well-known sites are 20-30 miles long with a depth of 30-40 metres, and fishing is done during the cold months of the year. It takes good seamanship and a good boat to get there and back again safely. But no one knows the salmon’s secrets, and there is plenty of water in between. The salmon will definitely come closer to Stevns, as Baltic Sea salmon is caught in the Øresund sound every year. Adventurous trolling anglers who want to find new places can start their trip well in Rødvig.


Trolling for sea trout
Trolling for sea trout along Stevns Klint has been a classic activity for many years. Everyone can join in, and the fish are usually a bit larger than those caught closer to the coast. Fishing is done in a soft zigzag pattern between the 10 and 15 metre curve, just a few hundred metres out and even in strong winds due to the lee of the cliff.

Although some boats have powerful engines and specialised equipment, smaller dinghies can also have plenty of success. Pull a lure or a small wobbler behind the boat while the rod rests in a rod holder. Use a paravan or a Dipsy Diver to get the lure down deep and keep the speed down to a few knots – at some point, it will slam!

Early spring and late autumn are the peak season, but trolling for sea trout can be done all year – even in summer – and Stevns Klint offers a fabulous backdrop for both the trip and the photos of your catch.


Other fish
In addition to the sea trout, you are sure to encounter garfish from late spring to mid-autumn. At times, one can almost get too much of a good thing, but most people also love the mini swordfish for their willingness to bite and their fighting spirit when hooked.

Furthermore, there is a healthy stock of cod on the underwater slopes out from Stevns Klint. Take your time and make sure your bait is 1-3 metres above the seabed. If you catch one cod, there are often more. They are more fun to catch on light casting rods than with the heavy trolling gear, so stop the boat and drift across the spot a few times as you fish it with light jigs.

Remember that both sea trout and cod are subject to size limits. 40 cm for sea trout and 38 cm for cod. You also share the sea off the Stevns Klint cliffs with the local commercial fishermen, who cast their nets from the cliffs far into the sea. Remember to pay attention and keep away from the nets.