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Wedding in Magasinbygningen/v Rosenfeldt Gods

Event facilities at Rosenfeldt Gods are located in the impressive Granary Building, which has turned many events into unforgettable experiences over the years.

The restored granary from 1776 is located in a beautiful setting in the listed courtyard at Rosenfeldt Gods.

The building’s size is about 350m², the event room is about 200m², and it can accommodate about 110 people.

The event room can be rented with glassware, plates, tables and chairs for 80 people. And there are good bathroom and kitchen facilities.

In front of the building you’ll find two spacious lawns which can be used for receptions or a range of other activities.

All practical details of the event must be taken care of by you, but if help is needed, Frimann's Gourmet by Claus Frimann can supply a complete solution.

Find more information and see pictures on the website, where you can also book the rooms