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Vridsløse church ruin

To the north of Naestved lies Vridsløse Kirkeruin in the western outskirts of the small village Vridsløse.

The church was built around the year 1000 and was then a wooden church. But the church was subsequently replaced with a Romanesque stone church in granite and limestone from Faxe. 

In 1370 the church was owned by Roskildebispen, which in 1460 gave the church to the forest monastery which we now know as Herlufsholm. When Herlufsholm was established in 1560, Ladby and Vridsløse were merged into Herlufsholm Parish Church and Vridløse was gradually removed from use. 

In 1630 there were still funerals in the church, but in 1738 the church was completely destroyed, the cemetery itself only went out of function in 1850