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Tystrup-Bavelse Lakes

Today the area around the Tystrup-Bavelse Lakes is preserved and part of it is owned by the state - including Hørhaven and Kongskilde Friluftsgård.

Owing to the preservation some of Denmark’s most characteristic regional landscapes and natural amenities were secured. The valley of the Tystrup-Bavelse Lakes is considered one of Zealand's most beautiful and magnificent landscapes. Farthest to the north and on the southwestern sides of Tystrup Lake you will find excellent points with small parking places from which there is a wonderful view. From here you may also observe white-tailed eagles.

Today this is one of the most important recreational areas of Zealand. There is a beech at the northern end of the lakes and many spots for excursions. The marguerite route, bicycle route 7 and hiking route E6 lead through the area. Also canoeing is popular.