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Exhibition at the Sugar Factory

The choice of an old sugar factory as our exhibition space is not coincidental.

The industrial architecture and history of this place provide us with a solid foundation for artistic exploration. The structures, textures and traces of time become an inspiring backdrop for our works.

Functionality and fiction, image and association are central, and it is difficult to say what is real, construction, hand-made or found object, sketch or suggestion and finished.

We work with materials, function, images and stories for the place and space - and with suggesting a great diversity of possibilities for association and engagement with a rich lack of respect for ordinary and expected contexts.

Through this dialogue between past and present, we want to challenge traditional perceptions of art and open new perspectives for viewers. Our goal is to foster appreciation of industrial heritage and its historical-cultural significance. We want to awaken curiosity and reflection in our visitors, inviting them to explore the beauty and decadence of one of the important pavilions of the old sugar factory through different artistic expressions.

It is a beautiful space with the entire construction, nothing covered or hidden as we are otherwise used to in our everyday lives, homes, offices, shops, and meeting and waiting rooms. The large expansive open space inspires to use what is there – the entire space and its construction – to build on, to hang from, to stand on, to put something on, some art?

More or less imagined works enter socially and spatially in the space between art and everyday life and seem to be able to reflect and create meaning beyond the familiar and preconceived. These are works by each artist produced or installed specifically to use this large space with the resistance and joy that is in that space.