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The Stege-Udby forests

The Stege-Udby forests were planted between 1997 and 2006. The forests consist primarily of Danish species of both trees and shrubs, which attract many different species of insects and birds.

There are good facilities, marked routes and good access to the forests with the possibility of parking in several places. If you want to spend the night in the woods, it is also possible. It is allowed to spend the night in the woods in smaller tents or in shelters. There are shelters for accommodation, campfire sites, soil toilet and faucet at Mosehældgårdspladsen.

In Stege forest there is a health path called "healthy and play". Along the 2.4 km. long route, imaginative play sculptures have been erected, which especially children will find fun. In Udby forest, there is the route "active forest", where activity tools have been set up along the 2.2 km. long routes.

The forests are owned by the Danish Nature Agency and are public forests.