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Rytzebæk Beach

Rytzebæk Beach is a natural beach with sand and only a few large stones in the water. There is parking directly at the beach. In general, the beaches on Møn have good facilities and are suitable for families with children. The beaches gets a professional and environmentally friendly beach cleaning, which makes them very delicious to bathe, sunbathe and play at.

From the beach you can also walk or cycle approx. 1 km. to Strandskoven (the Beachforest). You do this by going to the right when you come down to the beach. Strandskoven is a very beautiful and unique beach, where the forest of beeches is right next to the beach. Here you have a view over the entire Helmet Bay and to Høje Møn. The slopes are not high, which means it is easy to get to the water. There are many rocks on the beach, but the seabed consists mostly of fine sandy bottom.