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Peterskirken Stensby church

Romanesque village church in red bricks and with a slate roof. A streeple ends with a cross. The interior of the church is embrossed by stricktly simpleness. The church was consecreated 1891 and given the name "Peterskirken". The very beautyful alterpiece is painted by Joakim Skovgaard tells the parable of the good Samaritan. The frame of the alterpiece is carved by Astrid Noack. The Alterpiece and the frame was given to the church by Miss Suhr.
The altercarpet symbolizes the three chruch festivals with christmas roses, daffodils and narcissuses and was made and given by a number of parish-ladies in Stensby in 1967.
The pulpit is the original and very simple in its performance.
The organ was also given by Miss Suhr and consecreated at the opening of the church.
The nave from 1899 is given and made a sailor from Tærø, Lars Frederik Larsen.