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Møn Retreat & Kursuscenter

Møn Retreat & Course Center - Bed & Bread at Møn Retreat & Course Center

If you walk the Camøno or your own path, and you need accommodation on West Møn, you are welcome at Møn Retreat & Kursuscenter.


 Møn Retreat & Kursuscenter provides the framework for courses, workshops and retreats all year round. During the summer period, we are open up for Bed & Bread.


Here you may spend the night in a single room or with someone else in beautiful surroundings. You will be served tea/coffee and fresh bread in the dining room, the sun kitchen or in the open air.


 You have access to a kitchenette and we are available if you need other necessities.


 We are very happy to provide you with all the necessary facilities if you as a guest, course participant or course leader are looking for the right surroundings for your project.


The house on Vollerupgade in Askeby on West Møn has its own movement and language, which in interaction with students and guests is transformed into pure energy.


 There are high ceilings, beautiful sunsets, a lovely garden and wide horizons.