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Magleby Church at Stevns

The church was built of limestone in the Romanesque style around 1200.
Of the original church is the only long walls in the middle of the ship back.

The porch, which is of brick, which is cleaned, built in two periods. The oldest part is from young gothic approx. 1300th

At the time of the Reformation was the porch elevated. The initial wall height marked by a savskifte.

East window of the porch is a reopened Romanesque window. The chapel to the north is about. 1500. At the same nave choir superseded the original Romanesque nave, which was raised and equipped with four cross vaults. Sacristy to the north also dates from this period.

The current spire is from 1855. The building's sepulchral chapel, was built in 1600. The altarpiece is from 1606 of Tryggevaelde champion. The three female hermas the cylinder head symbolizes faith, hope and justice. The paintings are from 1610 Pulpit in high renaissance from 1614, The original paintings on the staircase and the chair itself represents virtues. The organ was built in 1985