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kit kontemporary | The gallery at Hesede Hovedgård

Meetings, retreats, stays and pop-up events

The beautiful old manor house at Hesede Hovedgård is home to the company called Hesede Hovedgård.

Hesede Hovedgård is a place for people who enjoy life.  Your hosts are Kit and Claus who live at the place and who themselves enjoy life.  With great respect for its 200-year history, they have carefully decorated the house with an intriguing combination of character and contemporary art, aimed at making guests feel at home and at ease.  The house oozes style and comfort as the hosts make decisions based on their personal preferences.  Other than the decoration, this involves serving food and wines that they themselves appreciate as well as making organic and sustainable choices.

The uniqueness is true for the decoration as well as for the possibilities available for guests as it bears the stamp of the hosts’ two passions, art and wine.  Claus being the son of a wine dealer and Kit being an artist herself.  As hosts, they are very present and it is important for them that guests feel welcome and feel seen – and that every guest is greeted with a smile.

The delightful house is home to a number of closed events such as meetings and retreats. 

The meetings are often about strategy or board meetings where the participants can enjoy the fact that there is room for big thoughts.  The various retreats are run by skilled instructors who put together an interesting programme for the weekend, enjoying the peace and calm and the positive vibes of the house.

Whatever the type of closed event, there is only ever one group of guests at a time.  Not having to relate to other guests quickly creates a feeling of comfort and ease and is a wonderful foundation from which to immerse into work and conversation as well as relaxation.

Hesede Hovedgård has 8 guest rooms and guests can also enjoy the beautiful veranda, the large terrace and the park-like garden which boarders on a large forest, Hesede Skov, in which you will find walking paths and the lunch restaurant Villa Gallina.

Hesede Hovedgård is located 2 km from the lovely orangery Paradehuset at Gisselfeld Kloster and 4 km from the Forest Tower at Camp Adventure.

Besides the closed events where guests book the entire house, Hesede Hovedgård opens its doors to pop-up events where everyone is welcome.  These events are usually related to Kit and Claus’ passions and will therefore involve art & culture and/or wine & food.  The pop-up events are announced on social media and in the calendar on the website.

Welcome to Hesede Hovedgård and to Kit & Claus’ place.

We cannot wait to see you!