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Glumsø Lake

In the middle of Glumsø is Glumsø Lake, where they in 2017 got their own freshwater beach. At that time, the beach, with its only six meters in length, was called Denmark's smallest bathing beach. Despite its size, it is still worth a visit and it is a really cozy and beautiful place to enjoy a swim. A bathing jetty has recently been built on the beach, from where you are welcome to jump into the water. Although the beach is relatively new, the lake has actually been used as a bathing beach before. In the 1930s and until the mid-1940s, Glumsø Lake was used as both an excursion destination and a bathing place. In fact, many of the city's children learned to swim in the lake.

It is a really beautiful area, and when you think you have relaxed enough on the beach, you can enjoy the lake, nature and bird life via the trails. There are good parking facilities close to the lake and it is less than ½ km. from the station, so it is also easy to get to by train.