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Glamping at Camp Adventure

Camp Adventure Glamping offers a unique opportunity to spend the night in the quiet of nature.

The setting is designed to get as close to nature as possible; the insulated tents have glass dome roofs and unobstructed views of the sky. The tents all have private terraces overlooking the beautiful grassland where wild vegetation surrounds the lake.

A stay in the unique glamping tents at Camp Adventure lets you be alone in nature with the comfort of a luxury hotel. The tents are inspired by traditional yurts from the plains of Mongolia and are designed with nature in mind. Glamping in Denmark is often isolated to the summer months, but at Camp Adventure the yurts are insulated and heated and can be used all year round. Here you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find space for contemplation and indulgence. Cook your meals over fire. Enjoy the bathtub or sauna with a view of the lake and the red deer grazing at the water's edge. Stargaze directly from the glass dome in the yurt right above the bed and wake up to morning coffee and the sound of the forest waking up.  As a glamping guest, you have access to the Forest Tower throughout your stay and a unique opportunity to experience both sunset and sunrise from the top of the Forest Tower. A magical experience on nature's terms.

The yurts can accommodate up to 6 people with the option of one extra bed. The tents all have a small kitchen, dining area and bed. In the tents you will find linen, towels, and tea towels. It is also possible to bring your own to minimize the environmental impact. In that case, DKK 200 will be deducted from your booking.

The glamping tents are all decorated differently. All with a focus on Nordic simplicity, sustainability, and coziness. The details and decor pay a loving tribute to the industrial Danish design history that has characterized South Zealand with Kähler, Jens Harald Quistgaard and Holmegaard. Most of the furniture is handmade, made from beautiful, reclaimed wood or bought at flea markets.