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Fishing at Vesterhave in Karrebaeksminde

Vesterhave is a nice place west of Karrebæksminde. You can park at the end of Vesterhavevej, and from here follow a small path down through the forest until you reach the coastline and the water. Here you can fish west and east, and especially in spring and autumn there are good opportunities to find migratory sea.

In May, there are also lots of hornfish, and in the summer you can be lucky to find mullets and rainbow trout on the site.

The best stretch is probably the one that lies to the west towards Klinteby, where you can find deep water close in along the coastline below the cliffs. Most often, these are migratory sea trout in this area, but they usually stay longer to get dirty in, among other things, sandeel, herring and dogfish.

Unfortunately, the site is vulnerable to strong westerly winds, as lots of eelgrass quickly swirls up. Weak winds, or wind directions from the north or east corner are therefore preferable.

Latitude: 55 ° 11'12.13 "N

Length: 11 ° 36'27.54 "Ø