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Drude Østergaard Studio

My name is Drude Østergaard. I work as an artist in my own studio in the lovely Luffes Gård, in Stege, Møn.

I have painted since 1996 on and off but from 2007 I’ve been painting and exhibiting continuously.

I lived and worked on Bornholm from 2018-2022. The nature on Bornholm is very unique and has meant a lot to me and the way that I work today.

I paint nature how I perceive it. My paintings are a result of the emotions I feel, which then affect my choice of colour at that very moment.

To me the process is most important, being one with my creation, play and be in the now.

Nature is healing. I feel it when I go for my walks, time doesn’t exist because I am so preoccupied by everything I see: flowers, trees, the sound of running water or waves hitting the coast, winds whirling around me, rain whipping my face. All this cleanses me and fills me with energy. This is what I put into my choice of colours and motifs. My wish is that my paintings provide others than myself with a sense of calm and immersion.

I call my paintings dream-images or self-images because they represent who I am as a person.

I offer courses in visionary painting and a program called “paint your feelings” where you work with finding your inner self through painting your own self-image.

I am a member of the artist network for Møn and Southern Sealand.

I have exhibited my paintings with the artist network Filosoffen in Odense, Den Gule Stald in Kalvehave, Bornholm hospital, library, and eye clinic, Galleri Vang, Galleri Snogebæk, and been a member of Kunstrunden.