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The Danish Castle Centre

In the heart of Vordingnorg lies the Danish Castle Centre – a modern museum and experience centre. Here you can encounter the powerful kings and queens of the Middle Ages. Visit the historic Goose Tower or explore the ruins of the ancient castle.

Immerse yourself in the intriguing world of power. POWER – an exhibition in the Danish Castle Centre – looks at the huge importance of Vordingborg in the Middle Ages.

The exhibition will tell you all about the power that was always associated with the castle – from kings and queens to churches, weapons, jewellery and much more besides. This was the residence of the royal family. This is where expeditions were planned, and where historical agreements with powerful allies were signed.

In the Middle Ages, Vordingborg was the centre of power, and some of Denmark’s most important kings and queens ruled from here.

The castle’s powerful queens

Vordingborg is perhaps best known as the ‘city of kings’, but for the first time ever the Danish Castle Centre draws on a number of powerful accounts to tell the whole story of the role that queens played in the castle and power game.

Most people know the story of Margaret I. Maybe you have even seen the beautiful frescoes and painted portraits of medieval queens. But who were these women, and what power did they have?

In the exhibition, the Danish Castle Centre casts a spotlight on the huge influence the queens actually had. They were not just pretty appendages to kings. They also made decisions that often had bloody consequences.

Look forward to meeting Margaret I, Bengerd, Dagmar, Margrete Sambiria and Sophia of Minsk, and other queens, all of who once lived at the castle in Vordingborg, presented in a series of powerful portraits staged by Jim Lyngvild.