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Broskov road

Broskovvejen is the most solid and carefully built ancient road we have. It was built in a time of lively contacts south - to the Roman Empire.
In the latter half of the Roman Iron Age, it was South Zealand and Stevns who controlled the transit trade in Roman goods to the rest of the Nordic region. This has probably played a crucial role in paving the way.

The road which is approx. 70 meters long and 3.5 meters wide, is one of the best preserved prehistoric roads in Denmark. It was excavated by an archaeologist from the National Museum on repeated excavations in the period 1953-1961. This has meant that one can still experience the road today. It now lies as a preserved past, and is a significant and significant plant from a bygone era.

Natural grazing with sheep is used to keep the vegetation down. And in 2009 there was a collaboration between the municipality of Vordingborg and the National Heritage Board to clean up the paving of the road. Thus, today they are visible to the visitors. Broskovvejen is about 5 km. northwest of Præstø, and is a natural dividing line between Næstved and Vordingborg