Sup Rødvig

Go on a SUP safari at Felskov Rev and visit the charming port in Lund

Photo: Mads Tolstrup

The tour begins on the sandy beach in Rødvig and heads southwest along Rødvig’s “riviera”, where the cottages that line the coast enjoy a magnificent view of the Baltic Sea. On a calm day, the stretch here is a good place to get a feel for Stand-Up paddle boarding and learn the basics.

There is a sandy bed, relatively shallow water and rarely much current or many large waves.

Soon the cottage area ends, and you will see the green deciduous forest that grows all the way down to the coast on the stretch towards Felskov Rev. You will quickly sense that you are far away from the urban hustle and bustle – and you would have to be unlucky not to spot a swan, cormorant, goose or perhaps even a white-tailed eagle from your SUP board.

Leaping sea trout

Out on the reef itself, large rocks break the surface of the water, and it is a good place to stop and spend time observing life on the seabed. Put on a snorkel and a scuba mask and go for a swim, or just lie on your stomach on the board and gaze down at the seabed through the clear water.

If you hear a loud splash, it could very well be a sea trout jumping – Felskov Rev is a popular fishing spot, and many large sea trout have been caught here. For the kids, there’s fun to be had with a crab fishing rod. Whatever you decide to do, the reef is an ideal place to take a break before continuing your tour.

Shipwrecks and sudden death

Felskov Rev also has a dramatic past. On New Year’s Eve 1803, a storm raged and the ship "Theseus" ran aground on the reef. When farmers from the village of Lund saw the ship on the reef on New Year’s morning, they rushed out to rescue the shipwrecked crew. They succeeded in saving the 9–man crew from the ship, which was stranded barely a kilometre from the coast, and the heroic deed was later immortalised in verse:

Dear friends! In the hour of need
we brothers can stand
then the farmers from Lund spoke
and set out from the land.
They bravely broke through the waves
and rejoiced in the rescue,
bringing the unknown friends
safely through storm and death 

Fortunately, a SUP board doesn’t go that deep, but keep an eye on the rocks below the surface of the water so the farmers in Lund don’t have to come to your rescue!

Lund Harbour

From the reef, the tour heads west into Faxe Bay. If there is a westerly wind, you’ll have to put in more effort to move ahead. On the first part of the tour, you are often fortunate to have shelter from the wind.

The stone pier at Lund Harbour juts out from the rocky coast. The water is shallow here, and in several places along the stretch, the rocks form small pools where geese, seagulls, ducks and other waders search for food.

Further on, you can come ashore behind the pier that protects the boats against waves from the east. Enjoy your packed lunch here in the small harbour, and if you need to stretch your legs, a walk up Lund Gade comes recommended. Many of the houses have thatched roofs, and it’s hard to understand why there was an old saying that “you should be careful not to go to Lund alone.”

Further into the town, you’ll encounter a memorial commemorating the "Battle of Lund" on 31 May 1812,  where 20 men from Lund succeeded in recapturing a ship from the English, who were then at war with Denmark. If you want to delve into the history, you can read more (in Danish) on the website Ejerlavet Lund By (

The trip back to Rødvig takes 1½–2 hours, depending on the wind and weather.

Practical information

Distance: 12 km round trip. If you turn around at Felskov Rev instead of taking the entire trip to Lund, it is just under 6 km

Difficulty level: Medium

Duration: 3–4 hours + breaks

Be aware of:

  • Wind and weather. If the wind is blowing from the west, there is often quite good shelter on the SUP tour out to Felskov Rev, and often there will be no significant waves. However, make sure that you do not drift too far out to sea with offshore winds. Strong easterly winds can bring large waves.
  • Rocks under the surface. In many areas along the route, there are rocks immediately below the surface of the water that you must be aware of – for yourself and for the SUP board.
  • Guided tours: Limelight Watersports offers guided tours of Stevns Klint for all levels.
  • The trip from Rødvig to Lund is a long one if you don’t have much SUP experience. Consider whether you have the strength to paddle both out and back again. 

What to bring:

  • Dress for the water temperature; the water and wind will quickly cool you down even when the sun is shining. Please wear a wetsuit.
  • Mobile phone in a waterproof bag
  • Life jacket (on the body)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water and snacks. It is not possible to buy picnic supplies/food in Lund, so please bring everything you need with you.