Christmas Present Guide

Photo: Mel Poole on Unsplash

Sigh - Dad wants socks for Christmas again this year… Don't worry, we’ve got your back. Here’s the ultimate gift guide for unique experiences and other delicacies from South Zealand & Møn that will delight a father, grandmother, grandson, girlfriend or boyfriend.

Camp Møns Klint
Mads Tolstrup

For the romanticist

For candyfloss-coloured sunrises and starry night skies is an old lighthouse that Camp Møns Klint has transformed into a holiday home with a private sauna on the edge of Møns Klint. The ultimate Christmas gift for the man or woman in your life!

Isle of Møn
Richard Clark

For the gin drinker

At Isle of Møn Spirits, they make gin and schnapps from what other people consider weeds: Local wild herbs, plants and roots such as sweet cicely and sloes. Enriched with minerals from Møns Klint itself, which act as flavour enhancers. Put a tasting set, including Isle of Møn’s specially developed tonic, under the Christmas tree, or add a bottle of quality gin to Dad’s bar.

Radius Distillery
Mads Tolstrup

For the gin enthusiast

Send a message in a bottle to a friend or family member who appreciates quality spirits from the Radius Distillery gin dealer, located at Oremandsgaard Estate, south of Præstø. Here, gin and brandy of the finest quality is made from apples from their own plantation, and they experiment with new flavours such as smoked berries, roses and rhubarb. You can shop for gin & tonic sets and also gift a subscription to the delicious drinks.

Koldkrigsmuseum Stevnsfort
Mads Tolstrup

For the history nerd

The nuclear-secure military facility Stevnsfort is a Cold War museum 18 metres underground. Send your parents or grandparents on a 1.7-km guided tour of underground passages where soldiers slept, worked and lived just 30 years ago. Here you can also get really close to a missile, and learn about the wildest espionage cases of the Cold War.

Frame & Work

For the outdoorsy people

The Forest Tower is Denmark’s newest landmark. At a height of 45 metres, the spiral-shaped work of art drills its way through the dense treetops and stretches its long skeleton high up over South Zealand’s beautiful beech forests. A gift card for Camp Adventure can be exchanged for an entrance ticket to the Forest Tower, a trip through the climbing courses and an overnight stay in a glamping tent with access to the tower at sunrise and sunset.

Feddet Strand Resort
Feddet Strand Resort

For the camper

On the Feddet peninsula, surrounded by pine forests, heath landscapes and child-friendly sandy beaches, is the Feddet Strand Resort campsite, which has been voted one of Europe’s absolute best. Here you can spend the night in beach huts, luxury apartments, caravans and tents. Feddet Strand Resort has, among other things, game rooms, trampolines and a pool for the youngest members of the family, as well as paddle tennis, kayaking, kitesurfing and mountain biking for adults. Treat someone who needs a break to a gift card.

Holmegaard Værk
Frame & Work

For the culture nerd

Experience the Nordic region’s largest glass collection at Holmegaard Værk, which is the country’s new hotspot for crafts, and which has a spectacular Picasso exhibition arriving next year. With an annual pass for Holmegaard Værk, you get access to all 7 museums in Museum Sydøst Danmark, including Danmarks Borgcenter. 

Frame & Work

For the history enthusiast

Go back to the Middle Ages in the castle grounds of Vordingborg. This used to be Denmark’s largest royal castle, with towers and a protective wall. Today, most of the castle is in ruins, but the 36-metre-tall Gåsetårn tower still sits on the hilltop overlooking Storstrømsfarvandet. With an annual pass for Danmarks Borgcenter, you get access to all 7 museums in Museum Sydøst Danmark, including Holmegaard Værk. 

Frame & Work

For the food enthusiast

At the top of Præstø town, with a view over the mirror-bright fjord water, is one of Danish gastronomy’s great heavyweights. The Michelin-starred restaurant Hotel Frederiksminde serves Nordic food at its best. Every day, the restaurant receives fresh supplies from its own kitchen garden, which they turn into small, delicious dishes packed full of flavour. Every food enthusiast’s biggest wish!

Mads Tolstrup

For the flower lover

With everything from a flower park to tree-top paths and Denmark’s largest Christmas market with more than 150 stands, it is no exaggeration to call Gavnø an adventure park beyond the usual. An annual pass gives access to the island’s yellow rococo castle with the country’s largest private painting collection, to the annual vintage car meet, and to the sumptuous castle park, which has flowers in all the colours of the rainbow, the butterfly house, and which hosts a magnificent tulip and lily festival every year.

Veras Verden
Destination SydkystDanmark

For the chief of cosiness

Lovely hand soaps, scented candles, pillows, knitwear, lemonade - you name it. Vera’s World at Gisselfeld has it all – and more. Give a gift basket full of goodies to a dear friend or any woman in your life who needs a little extra pampering.

Geocenter Møns Klint
Mads Tolstrup

For the science nerd

Get the story of the beautiful Ice Age landscape at Møns Klint, and learn more about everything from peregrine falcons to glaciers and Stone Age people at the modern museum GeoCenter Møns Klint, which has a 3D cinema with special effects, fun workshops for children and cool interactive exhibitions.

The Norrmans
Mikkel Adsbøl

For the countryside lover

Do you want to pamper your partner a bit more at Christmas? Then book a stay at The Norrmans on Stevns, which has transformed an old farm and stable buildings into an adventurous breathing space with imaginative wallpapers, feathery soft four-poster beds and a vegetarian kitchen with vegetables from their own kitchen. People come here to recharge and eat well!

Wellness Hotel Kirstine
Hotel Kirstine

For the connoisseur of city life

The plan is for total relaxation at the 4-star city hotel Hotel Kirstine in Næstved. Built in a classic half-timbered style, the hotel has just opened a brand new wellness area with a therapy pool, sauna, steam room, pool - in short, everything a true wellness enthusiast needs.  

Mads Tolstrup

For the grandchild

Get the cycling legs going in Mågeklatten, feel the rush in your stomach when Hundeprutten is released, or get high up in the Cobra Tower. It’s great fun at BonBon-Land, which has thrilled children and childish souls with a penchant for fun and trouble for decades. BonBon-Land also has the Nordic region’s longest rafting course and has just opened a brand new labyrinth park. A season pass is an ingenious gift for the youngest members of the family.

Jul på Stevns Klint Experience
Mads Tolstrup

Til den bæredygtige

I december 2023 spreder Stevns Klint Experience juleglæde, når de udvider den i forvejen unikke designbutik. Designbutikken lokker med skønne, håndlavede og lokalt producerede gaver, der stråler af autenticitet og hjertevarme. Når I har fundet årets julegaver, kan I glæde jer til at pakke den ind med omtanke ved hjælp af genanvendelige materialer. Giv jeres gaver lidt ekstra charme ved at dekorere dem med unik og bæredygtig pynt – som I også kan bruge igen næste år.