Experience The Forest Tower and Møns Klint

Photo:Mads Tolstrup&Destination SydkystDanmark
Take an unforgettable day trip to two of Denmark's most spectacular natural wonders, located just a short drive from Copenhagen.

The Forest Tower at Camp Adventure and the stunning Møns Klint are both known worldwide and are recommended by The New York Times and National Geographic, among others. If you're not familiar with these places yet, here you can read about why both destinations should undoubtedly be on your travel bucket list!

By bus from Copenhagen to The Forest Tower and Møns Klint

Get picked up at the Central Station in the heart of Copenhagen. From there, you can sit back in the bus and go on a guided day trip to The Forest Tower combined with a stop at Møns Klint.

Panoramic view from the highest point in Zealand

The first stop on the journey is The Forest Tower at Camp Adventure - an architectural gem located deep within a forest, which has become one of Denmark's most recognizable landmarks. The spiral tower stretches high above the canopy, offering a dazzling 360-degree view over the green landscape. The Forest Tower has been nominated for and has won several international architecture awards and undoubtedly deserves a spot on any travel bucket list.

Photo:Frame & Work

The path to The Forest Tower goes via a three-kilometer-long elevated boardwalk, which winds around the beech trees and leads over the forest floor's small streams. Once you have completed the trek, the day is far from over. Camp Adventure offers a full palette of experiences, including Denmark's largest climbing park, Northern Europe's largest pick-your-own flower field, idyllic glamping cabins, and a cozy dining area with taste experiences for the whole family.

Chalk-white cliffs as far as the eye can see

After enjoying the fresh forest air, continue south to Møns Klint, where chalk-white cliff formations dramatically plunge into the azure sea below. Møns Klint remains one of Denmark's most beautiful natural phenomena. The glowing chalk escarpment towers a full 128 meters high, and to move from top to bottom and back up again, one must conquer no less than 497 steps. The descent and ascent pass twisted tree trunks shaped by wind and weather, and on the horizon, you might be lucky enough to spot a peregrine falcon. Møns Klint is located in a unique natural area with its own microclimate. Here you can find natural forests, rare orchids, and a rich wildlife.

Møns Klint cykling

Photo:Daniel Villadsen

At the top of Møns Klint, you can find Denmark's coolest science center, GeoCenter Møns Klint. Here, both young and old can travel back 70 million years in time and learn about the birth of Denmark. The interactive exhibition with VR glasses and a 3D cinema brings visitors up close to prehistoric dinosaurs and sea monsters, as well as to the very special fungi and butterflies found in Møn's unique nature.