Birds in South Zealand & Møn

Photo: Gitte Skovgaard Kristensen

In the nature of South Zealand & Møn, there is ample opportunity to meet all sorts of birds – from ordinary blackbirds to the rather rare kingfishers. 

The beauty is in the detail

A tour in the beautiful nature of South Zealand & Møn offers a cornucopia of colours, shapes and refreshing scents.  

Photo:Tage Klee

If you visit Nyord, Møn’s neighbouring island to the north, in August, you will definitely notice the many swallows resting on old telephone cables as they migrate south. For many years, the swallows have used Nyord as a natural stop on their migration, and when all the telephone cables were buried in the ground years ago, the islanders sought to preserve some of the old telephone lines and masts for the benefit of the swallows, a wish that luckily was granted. 


Since 1953, the privately owned area of Enø Overdrev has been protected to preserve the region’s unique flora and fauna. The area is home to several breeding and migrating birds – including the yellow wagtail, wigeon, common teal and merganser. In winter, you might also be lucky enough to see geese, twites, snow buntings and, more rarely, horned larks. 

White-tailed eagles, kestrels and buzzards can also be seen in the area. 

Do you want to go on a guidede birdwatching tour?

Albicilla Explorer | Why Not Birds? organizes private guided birdwatching tours on Møn and Southern Zealand. We organize our tours according to the season, the birds and you, so that you get a unique and exciting birding experience - whether you have never done birdwatching before, are a beginner or an experienced birdwatcher.

The peregrine falcon

The world’s fastest animal, the peregrine falcon, resides at the cliffs of Stevns Klint and Møns Klint. It feeds on birds that it catches mid-air and can exceed speeds of 300 km/h when it swoops on its prey. The peregrine falcon disappeared from Denmark 30 years ago, but it has returned as a breeding bird at Møns Klint – one of the only places in the country it has returned – where it builds its nest in the cliffs’ natural caves and points.

There are several places on Møn where you may be lucky enough to spot a peregrine falcon. You can read more information about peregrine falcons here. You may also be lucky enough to see the peregrine falcon and its brood in Stevns. You can read more about it here.

The kingfisher

The kingfisher has been named Denmark’s most beautiful bird, and if you’re lucky, you might spot the little blue bird with the long beak along the banks of the Suså river. The bird is only about 17-19 cm tall and primarily lives off small fish. There are only a few kingfisher couples on Zealand, and the beautiful bird is therefore a rare sight in these parts.

Birds and lookout towers

Næstved and the surrounding area

On the website of the outdoor guide Friluftguiden, you can learn about the area’s five lookout towers. One in Næstved town, and the rest in outlying areas. Good opportunities to see bird life and enjoy nature in authentic surroundings.

Also visit the lookout point on Munkebakken, from which all of Næstved and large parts of South Zealand can be seen.

Ravnstrup lake and reserve allows you to see bird and plant life in quiet surroundings.


The Friluftguiden outdoor guide describes the 4 lookout towers at Stevns, 2 by the coast and 2 in the region of Strøby. The lookout towers are located near cycle and walking paths and good facilities – among other things, you will find shelters and toilets at Flagbanken rest area, all the way out by Stevns Klint! A good opportunity to stay in superb surroundings and take in an incredible, natural spectacle.

Møn, Bogø and Nyord

Bogo lighthouse can provide many different experiences! An observation tower, shelter, picnic spot and more. Here you will find good accessibility and breathtaking views.

At Nyord, there are three lookout towers with various facilities, but they are not far apart. You will also find room for accommodation, access to toilet facilities and, of course, the beautiful natural scenery overlooking South Zealand and the rest of Nyord.

In the north of Møn, by Ulvshalegården farm, you will also find a lookout tower near the bike and hiking trails, with access to launch a kayak etc.

The rest of South Zealand

On Avnø, you will find the nature centre of the same name, which offers a great number of possibilities. Get an overview of Avnø and the area around you – or book the campfire cottage with its tackle bank and equipment for a lot of activities by the coast, forest, salt marshes and lakes.

Feddet’s lookout tower is fitted with a telescope and several bird books and posters, all freely available as you gaze out across the landscape and the beautiful sea! Look right across the fjord to Næbskoven and the town of Præstø.