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Champagne Riget

In the Champagne Kingdom you can retreat and immerse yourself in the universe of champagne, here in our decadent surroundings (gold rococo) you will find bubbling joy and high spirits

Our establishment will also be able to satisfy the little hunger with both exquisite and exclusive ingredients that are carefully matched to the individual champagnes, all with the champagne in focus. It's decadent, it's rococo and not least the CHAMPAGNE KINGDOM (the only real champagne bar outside Copenhagen). Our mission is to lead you into a bubbling universe of champagnes, all their own imports, they all have a characteristic of exceptionally high quality for the price and another is our passion for our champagne houses (our French families and friends) to which we are closely linked. , we are ambassadors rather than anything else. Come and experience for yourself! we are happy to share stories from the individual houses. Eg. the one about the three widows in the Côte des Bar or the missing bottles that hid in the basement or tractor engine stops that ended in a romance or? yes there are many stories waiting to be told to our guests. Come to Næstved and experience not just us but the whole city and its hinterland with lots of opportunities for you too!

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